Cold Hard Cash

Showing you the money!!!

We did a complete overhaul on the raffle this year! The prizes for the big raffle this year will be ALL CASH!!! Winners to be announced at 8pm September 14th, just before Rising Phoenix starts. Need not be present to win.

Tickets this year are $20 apiece and we have printed exactly 750 to be sold. We have chosen to pay out 80% of the funds raised from ticket sales, which means if we sell out of tickets

we will be giving away $12,000!!!

We will pay out 80% over 15 winning tickets regardless of how many tickets we sell. Below is a payout grid identifying prize amounts for a sellout of all 750 tickets, and for selling 720 tickets (the grid applies for all possible sales figures, these are just examples). Notice the percentage payout for each position is the same regardless of ticket sales.


*The grid payout percentages add up to 100% - these percentages represent the portion of the 80% prize pool. For example, sale of 750 tickets at $20 equals $15,000 revenue. 20%, or $3000 in this example, goes to the charity off the top, leaving 80% ($12,000) in the prize pool. Of that $12,000, 35% (4200) is the top prize, 25% (3000) is the 2nd prize, and so on.


**Prizes over a certain amount are subject to tax per the Wisconsin tax code and will be reported according to state law.

Contact us through the Facebook page or by email ( for more information.

Wisconsin Raffle Licence # R0030936A-26595

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